The quantum hypothesis of blessed dialects (QTHL) incorporates the three most persuasive fields of learning: science kabbalah, quantum material science and mathematic. Uses of this hypothesis in elective drug by utilize existing human experience has numerous viable proclamations. Basically, all of QTHL is established on following principal presuppositions:

1. Power and attractive vitality exist in the human body, controlling the pulse, animating muscles, and so forth. Every atom in the human body really contains a little measure of power and attractive vitality. Each cell reverberates at a specific recurrence. Our physical, mental, enthusiastic, and instinctive energies are comparing to the extraordinary electromagnetic vibrations.

2. The procedures that inside a person and between people and their condition are overseen by electromagnetic vibrations.

3. Indicium’s, human culture, the nature and universe frame biology of complex frameworks and sub-frameworks all of which interface and commonly impact each other through electromagnetic vibrations

4. The Heavenly Hebrew is the interesting dialect in light of kabalistic sources. The letters and words in Hebrew are coded by an exceptional way. This code portrays the agreement of electromagnetic vibrations of light.

5. The consecrated writings are coded by codes of electromagnetic vibrations of light, which are depended from properties of letters, words and expressions in Heavenly Hebrew.

6. The consecrated writings codes depict the agreement of hues, as the corresponding relationships of RGB (red green blue).

7. Mending Hues Condition is framed by utilization of the corresponding relationships RGB and down to earth data around brain research of hues and remedial properties of hues

The quantum hypothesis of heavenly dialects is tending to the one of a kind properties of Blessed Hebrew with a specific end goal to coming to definitive evidences how electromagnetic vibrations and all inclusive congruity of hues are coded in holy messages. Electromagnetic vibrations or electromagnetic recuperating is a standout amongst the most significant and key option treatments in the field of option medication and all encompassing wellbeing that incorporates bio reverberation, sound treatment, shading treatment, bio electromagnetic fields and so on Along these lines this hypothesis can possibly offer various developments in future.

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